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We are looking for talented individuals worldwide to join the Double Click team. We have a variety of jobs and projects we are hiring for and we encourage you to reach out as soon as possible.

What Our Team Members Say:

"The opportunity to work with such a skilled team is such a blessing. The Double Click team feels like family to me."
Designer. Canada
"It's amazing working with such skilled advertisers. I've been doing digital ads for almost ten years and this group is the best"
Ad Expert. United States
"Working with Double Click has been the best experience I have ever had working remotely. Consistent work and great team."
Admin Assistant. Philippines

Open Positions:

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Advertising Experts

We are looking for highly talented digital advertising experts worldwide who have experience in a variety of platforms, channels and strategies including Facebook, Google, SEO Optimization and Mobile.

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Administrative Assistants

We are looking to add multiple administrative assistants to our staff globally. We are looking for highly organized applicants who have experience handling scheduling, answering calls/emails, managing projects and working remotely.

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Content Creators

We are looking for talented and expert creators. Talented content creators are always in high demand at Double Click. Videographers, Photographers, Copywriters and any sort of content producers who are looking to work on exciting and challenging projects should apply.

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Design Experts

We are looking for skilled and experienced graphic and web designers across the globe to assist in our projects.

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Coding Experts

We are looking for expert web developers and coders to assist us in all of our campaigns and client projects worldwide. 

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